Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Photocopier Hard Drives How to Protect Yourself

You would never get rid of a Computer that has confidential information on it without wiping it out and the same would go with any other Hard Drive device including copiers, here are a few simple steps to protect and educate yourself.

(1) Ask the company that sold your machine if it has a Hard Drive and what kind of information does the copier store

(2) If buying a new copier check the manufacturer brochure presentation or specifications for the Hard Drive information.

(3) Find out if your copier has a data overwrite option

(4) If you ever sell a copier or return a copier to a leasing company ask your copier dealer to wipe the hard drive clean.

(5) And the most important thing is to remember it’s a Digital World and anything done in a digital format is prone to theft

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